Svelte is a JavaScript framework for developing web applications. The key difference between Svelte and other frameworks like Vue or React is that Svelte is a JavaScript compiler and does most of its work at a compiling stage. This means it doesn’t need to send a large amount of overhead to your user’s browser and manage things at runtime.

Svelte has been gaining popularity within the data visualization community. On a recent episode of the Data Stories podcast, they interview Amelia Wattenberger about Svelte. …

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If you do much web scraping or parsing of human-readable tables you’ve probably come across the problem of matching multiple regex patterns across multiple columns or rows in your data. What is the best way to handle regex patterns when they start becoming complex? How do you aggregate your results once you have them?

This article assumes you know how to use regular expressions and you’re somewhat experienced using pandas. First, we’re going to explore how to handle matching regex patterns using pandas.

Regex in Pandas

Let’s suppose we have data that identify a time period. Unfortunately, the strings are not all formatted…

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